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During the 12-week Sally Slender Series weight loss challenge, 10% of all sales will be donated to two charitable organizations. This initiative aims to support these charities and give back to the community. The Sally Slender Series weight loss challenge is a program designed to help participants achieve their weight loss goals through a combination of exercise, healthy eating habits, and lifestyle changes. Participants will receive guidance and support throughout the 12-week period, including access to resources and a supportive community. The challenge is a great opportunity for individuals to improve their health while also contributing to a good cause. The participating charities will benefit from the funds raised during the challenge, which will aid them in continuing their important work and making a positive impact in the world.

12 Week Challenge


HunTer’s charity of choice,, is dedicated to providing a safe and beautiful space for women to find hope and healing. The KeeperSoul Retreats welcome women from all walks of life, without judgment, and encourage them to come as they are. The organization strongly believes that women are better together, and they lift each other up to refocus on hope and truth. The spirit of KeeperSoul is rooted in a profound belief that God’s love and mercy are limitless.

While each woman’s journey is unique, their experiences often overlap. KeeperSoul encourages women to unmask their lives in safe places as the only way to achieve deep freedom. The organization’s mission is to provide a secure and nurturing environment with caring and supportive staff. KeeperSoul believes that by sharing life together in vulnerability, authenticity, tears, and joy, women can break out of isolation and move towards a thriving life.

Wimpie’s charity of choice offers specialized education and training for learners with disabilities. Their goal is to guide these learners from dependence to independence. The staff members are dedicated individuals with a calling in their lives. Each learner is considered special, unique, and differently gifted. The well-being of each learner is a top priority, and the staff strives to shape learners in their totality. They aim to make a difference in each learner’s life and create an environment that prioritizes joy and enthusiasm, despite the learners’ specific disabilities and limitations. It is a caring place where the staff seeks to inspire the learners with a lust for life.

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